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About McCarthy Contracting and Development Limited
McCarthy Contracting and Development Limited, our specialist external rendering and solid wall insulation company, was originally established in 2001 in Torquay, South Devon. The company was previously known as McCarthy and Sons (Contractors) Limited which was formed more than thirty years earlier by the company's founder, Tony McCarthy, in Torquay, Devon. Tony remains active in the business.

We specialise in all external through colour & insulated render systems and can also offer extensive estimating and surveying services. Our team of specialist rendering contractors works throughout the South of England but have also undertaken extensive projects nationwide and in Jersey, Guernsey and Bermuda. In addition to the specialist rendering side of the company we also have our own substantial development business, specializing in the construction and sale of high quality apartments and other major renovations.

We have a team of experienced rendering contractors who provide high quality external wall insulation, specialist external rendering, through colour renders and solid wall insulation services. Our many years of experience has helped us to develop a relationship with all of the major suppliers of materials and we have access to a range of on and off site services.

The managing director and contracts manager is Sean McCarthy, to whom all initial enquiries should be directed.


Before External Rendering

Teignmouth Police Station

This was the external appearance of what was formerly the Police Station in Teignmouth.


After Specialist External Rendering

This is how we transformed the way the building looked and increased its fuel efficiency with our specialist external rendering.


Before Solid Wall Insulation

A Major South West Rendering Contract

The external walls of this substantial residential block were looking tired and in need of renovation, as well as losing much of the building's heat.


After Solid Wall Insulation

After our external rendering work the building looks stunning and its ability to retain heat has been greatly enhanced, benefiting both the landlord and the tenants.


Heat Loss without External Rendering

Heat Loss Thermal Imagery

This thermal image demonstrates the amount of heat that is lost through the external walls of a typical property that has not been insulated, resulting in higher energy bills.


Solid Wall Insulation reducin heat loss

Following the insulation of the external walls through our specialist rendering and solid wall insulation services, the heat loss is reduced dramatically, resulting in considerable improvements in energy efficiency.

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