Through Colour Renders

Through Colour Renders offer a complete solution for all rendering needs, from standard renders to one coat, dash coats and silicone based highly water resistant renders. All basecoats are modified to ensure greater flexibility and strength while the one-coat through-coloured render offer superior quality to a traditional render in half the time.

The Standard Colour Palette can offer a carefully selected range of colours to complement and match the most popular render shades to insure a professional finish.

In addition to the standard colours, and to offer a wider choice to architects, specifiers and contractors you are able to choose from a vast amount of customised colours which can be made to order.

There are many valuable features with through colour renders including:
Ready Mixed, dry bagged for consistency and reduced waste.
One Coat Renders - Save Time and Money
Highly Water Resistant Silicone Render Option
Low Maintenance Finish
Reduced Risk Of Shrinkage And Cracking
Wide Range Of colours (no painting required) Product Liability Guarantee

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